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Rolls Royce

Brand partnership

Rolls Royce Motor Cars London

My Concept: To create a strategic link between an iconic luxury brand and Barrus

Strategy: Prepared and pitched to Rolls Royce a proposal that their new 'Dawn' car should be marketed to high powered women. Secured a partnership with Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Mayfair dealership and Barrus to create a London Fashion Week brand activation event. Advised Rolls Royce to have their sales team mingling and networking with guests.

Tactics: Rolls Royce gave their iconic Mayfair dealership as the venue for the event. Created a live photo-shoot as part of the brand experience, which enabled attendees to discover the car features whilst photographing themselves with the cars.

Results: 250 attendees including celebrities Ashley James, TV presenters Naomi Isted and Charlotte de Carle. Feature in British, Luxury London and Metro. Rolls Royce secured three customers and in subsequent weeks sold in excess of £750,000 of product.

Capabilities Used: Creative Content Development, Events Management & Events Marketing

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