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consumer purchasing decisions.

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Our Mission

SheBuildsBrands is the authoritative voice for female branding.

With 25 years brand marketing experience under the direction of award winning brand specialist Kubi Springer, we help companies to connect with female consumers,

assist firms to empower female leaders and support female founders to build brands worldwide. 

We help brands connect with the world's fastest growing emerging market...women



that 22% of women shop online at least once a day, 92% pass along information about deals and 58% would toss a TV if they had to get rid of one digital device.



that women buy more than half of the new cars in the U.S and influence up to 80% of all car purchases.



on the fact that in China, six out of ten solo travellers are female, with 62% of hotel bookings made near shopping malls.

Global Impact

Chinese women’s contribution to global luxury spending sits at an estimated $700 billion. Female consumers in China alone have a large stake in most industries. Women account for more than 40% of luxury car purchases in the Chinese car market and are changing the conversation around gender roles and high-end purchasing decisions.

Chinese consumers account for 30% of global luxury spending, and 70% of this growth has been led by China’s affluent middle class, millennials and female consumers.


Middle East

Latin America


Euromonitor International forecasts that Brazil will become the world’s fifth largest consumer market in 2023, with total consumer expenditure reaching US $2.7 trillion in 2030.


Economic empowerment and financial independence among Brazilian women has been a key driver of growth within the apparel business. Value sales of women’s clothing in Brazil amounted to US$1.4 billion in 2013.


(Luxury Society)

Annual fashion sales in the Middle East’s Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets amount to $50 billion (McKinsey & Co).  


According to Saudi women, the customer service they get in stores plays a big part for them as it is all part of the “luxury experience.” Not only was there a focus on the journey from researching to purchasing in a luxury store, Saudi women also voiced that they wanted to see more “local advertising” in Arabic, with use of models that also look Middle Eastern. (Arab New)

study conducted by L’Oreal estimated the overall value of the Sub-Saharan cosmetics sector to be Euros €6.9billion. Within this, South Africa was found to be the largest marketplace, accounting for €3billion of total revenues, followed by Nigeria with €2.5billion.

One of the biggest demands on retail in Africa is the need for connectivity – and the luxury retail sector is no exception. Consumer spending is projected to exceed $1 trillion annually (McKinsey’s Global Institute)

We relish in the fact that women are responsible for:


of New Homes

Charming Neighborhood

of PC



Work Station


of Vacation Decisions

Tropical Resort

of Healthcare



Desk with Stethoscope


of New Cars Bought

Car Park




Bank Accounts Opened


of Food Purchases

Bag of Groceries

$20 Trillion

Worldwide spending

in women

Earth Projection

Yet 86.5% of all senior marketing positions are held by men.  

That's where we come in. 

We help disruptive thinkers connect with female consumers...

and believe us when we say dressing it in pink, won't be enough.


(Statistics: World Economics Forum)