Podcast - Kubi discusses race and gender in marketing with Kyle Malnati from

June 2020, Kubi Springer is interviewed by Kyle Malnati's the CEO of CALIBRATE REAL ESTATE in the USA. Tune into this very special episode in which Kyle and Kubi have the tough conversations and discuss tangible action steps to not only build your brand, but how we can align our marketing with our values. Listen here

Brand Activism - Does It Work?

With all that is happening in the world, including the murder of George Floyd in the USA, I couldn’t help but ask the question; does activism have a place in business? And if it does, what are the strategic steps that companies and individuals need to take to ensure they are getting it right? To address these questions I undertook an Instagram Live on 1st June 2020 with Sophie Medd, Director of Fundraising for Business in the Community, Dee Springer, former CEO of LVSE and Kwame Badu, Founder of KB Consulting. Here are the take-aways from that conversation: The definition of corporate or organisational activism is; a public stance taken by a company to positively impact social change or legi

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