Ruach Empower Shower Women's Conference

Kubi Springer talks Personal Brand Success at the Ruach Empower Shower Women's Conference at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in London. Kubi reaches out to women of all ages and also talks about her faith and religion and how this has helped her in the process of writing the book at this event.

Soho House: 'I AM MY BRAND' Book Introduction

Kubi Springer gives an introduction to 'I AM MY BRAND' to the members of private members club Soho House. Hosted by the Founder of Bookomi Richard Kilgarraff, Kubi talks about why she wrote 'I AM MY BRAND' and answers any questions in regards to the book and personal branding. After the presentation, Kubi signs each member's copy of 'I AM MY BRAND'.

The Inner Circle Experience, Spain

Kubi Springer heads off the Marbella, Spain to offer her expertise in Brand Marketing. Kubi talks about Personal Branding at the 3 day Business Networking Retreat at the beautiful Hotel Puente Romano Marbella. World-renowned brands, innovative encouragers and social media gurus alike were represented here, each a particular piece of that ever-shifting puzzle known as success.

Keynote at UKBB

After speak at Red Smart Women Week, Kubi Springer heads off to another speaking engagement as a Keynote at the 2019 UK Black Business Show at QEII Centre in London. With over 1000 attendees at UKBB, Kubi shares the 8 Pillars of Brand Success and reads a chapter of 'I AM MY BRAND' to the audience. Kubi was honoured with a standing observation after her book reading. 'I AM MY BRAND' was made available to purchase after her talk and we are delighted to tell you that Kubi was signing books after her talk in the afternoon till the closing of the event in evening. To watch some highlights of the event click here

Keynote at Red Magazine's Smart Women Week

Kubi Springer talks about how to shape your personal brand at work at Red Smart Women Week 2019. Kubi talks about the 8 Pillars of Personal Brand Success which is covered in her latest book 'I AM MY BRAND'. After the talk the attendees are able to purchase 'I AM MY BRAND' at the Blackwell's book stand and have their copies signed.

Kubi Springer Talks Personal Branding on BBC London Radio

Kubi Springer talks about her latest book 'I AM MY BRAND' on BBC London Radio. Kubi appears as a guest on BBC Radio London 'The Scene' Kubi joins Jasmine Dotiwala to talk about her interesting history in the marketing business, the 8 pillars for building your brand, and shares some stories on marketing for big names of the music industry. Kubi also goes in depth on why she wrote the book and informs the listeners why personal branding is especially important in this day and age. To watch the full interview click here

Foyles Masterclass in London

This masterclass was created for the Boss Squad to access the book 'I AM MY BRAND' early and to get the opportunity to learn about personal branding as Kubi teaches the 8 Pillars of Brand Success from her book 'I AM MY BRAND' at the Foyles bookstore masterclass in London. Following the masterclass Kubi reads a chapter from the book followed by a Q and A book signing.

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