VIP Book Pre Launch

This evening was a special and emotional moment here at SheBuildsBrands. On Monday 30th September 2019 we have gather some family, close friends and long time clients to join us for Kubi Springer's official VIP Book Pre Launch of 'I AM MY BRAND'. With over 100 guest we are pleased to share this special moment with all our friends, family and long time clients. The evening was with filled with laughter, joy, tears and most importantly empowerment. The night concluded with a spectacular reading of Kubi Springer's most personal chapter, Chapter 10 with drinks, networking and celebration 'I AM MY BRAND' is due to be officially released in the UK on Thursday 3rd October 2019. Remember to "Build Y

Pre Launch Book Signing at Santander

We are delighted to announce that we have had the pleasure to sign Kubi's pre-launched books at Santander. Santander has bought books for their staff who has attended their Branding and Networking workshops with Kubi Springer at their HQ office in London. Kubi has had the pleasure to sign each copy of 'I AM MY BRAND' for the attendees with personalised messaged after their session with her.

I AM MY BRAND Pre Launch at Facebook Women In Leadership Conference

Kubi Springer had the pleasure to the give a sneak peak of her upcoming book 'I AM MY BRAND'. Kubi talks about the 8 Pillars of Brand Success following with an exclusive interview with the Interview and Founder of Bookomi Richard Kilgarriff, at the Facebook Women In Leadership Conference in London on Friday 6th September 2019. Facebook has also pre-ordered 100 signed copies for their female staff who attended.

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