Great brands are great story tellers

The ability to create and communicate your brand story is critical for any company wanting to thrive in today's competitive market. One organisation that has mastered this is fashion retailer Burberry, with 498 stores (2016) and valued at £2.5 billion (2015), this powerhouse understands the key components needed to make and sustain a brand using the influence of storytelling. As outlined by former Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts, creating an emotional connection with your audience is the essence of great brand behaviour "We put emotion before the hard product" say Angela in Burberry's iconic Brand Story Video. So what can companies and individuals learn from Burberry? How can global SME's mast

Juggling Parenthood and Your Brand

Over the past two weeks, I have shared a brief summary of my book ‘Broken Back to peace’ with the lovely Kubi Springer and the #AskKubi audience live on Ruach Radio and live on Instagram @shebuildsbrands & @s.a_daibo. This week, we shared the story of Alesha who is a single mother, raising a young black teenage son in London and trying to manage her working life. This prompted us to discuss the everyday struggle that so many parents face managing their homes, alongside their businesses and careers. Below are a few tips we use to bring balance to our home and work. The Morning Routine Establishing a morning routine will set you up for the day and enable you to maintain focus. You will feel th

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