New Blog: Audit, before you Plan

It's that time of year when people start to plan for the New Year and setting goals for what is to come. As such I have seen Vision Board Parties, Goal Setting Webinars and the like floating around. But in my experience of building brands, none of these things work! Why? Because they are generally done in isolation and without any foundation. Normally I see the facilitators address the issue of planning as a solo subject. But before you can start planning you have to first take the time to step back and evaluate where you are right now. You have to do a Brand Audit. To achieve this you need to be prepared to ask the difficult questions and be honest about where your brand is right now. To ga

Highlights of 2018

With just a few weeks to go until 2019, we thought it would be nice to go down memory lane of 2018 before we embark on a New Year. In February 2018, we kicked off with Kubi attendending New York Fashion Week. Kubi was in New York for ten busy days, one of the days she was a judge for Harlem Fashion Week 2018. During the show Kubi met Jay Manuel (Creative Director of America's Next To Model) in the VIP area wheere both of them were judges for the 'Emerging Designer Contest'. Whilst in New York she delivered a workshop at New York University and Mountbattern. Watch the video below for some behind the scenes footage at the fashion capitol of America. Next in April 2018 Kubi arrived in Ghana ini

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