BU By Bhatupe

We at SheBuildsBrands are pleased to welcome perfume brand BU onto the roaster of our clients. Based in Switzerland, inspired by Africa, made in Germany, this brand will be partnering with the HerRUNWAY Showcase taking place on 15th September 2018. A delightful scent we are looking forward to taking BU to new heights. Click here to learn more about HerRUNWAY

Turn your Followers into Customers

I recently posted on IG a cheeky, and, somewhat honest caption of ‘50,000 followers and you’re still broke…why?’. Whilst I recognised that it might raise some eyebrows, I honestly and genuinely am confused as to how anyone can attract followers, yet not be able to convert them. The way I see it, if you want profit, and not just profile, then your sole focus should be on "how do I convert" as opposed to just communicate with my followers. Whether you have 50 or 500,000 followers, there needs to be a strategy in place to drive more than just brand awareness. So, here are some tips on how to do just that: Listen More Than You Talk - Yes, it’s tempting to spend your whole time on social media t

"Dache" joins HerRunway

DACHE an exquisite fashion brand from Malaysia is the latest to sign up to our HerRunway showcase at London Fashion Week this September. DACHE is an upcoming Malaysian fashion brand founded in 2015 by Yadz Harudin and Julie Widuri. DACHE’s design philosophy is all about natural, authentic arte which means they’re inspired by nature, the rich authenticity coming from cultures, traditions and heritage and all kinds of art forms. With their love for nature, Yadz’s passion for photography paired with her interior design background and Julie’s talent as a fashion designer, they embark on a journey bringing their visions to life. A socially conscious brand, DACHE ensures responsible production at

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