Stay In Your Lane

Have you heard the saying; 'don't worry about their name, worry about your own!'...well we at SheBuildsBrands live by that motto. With the growth of social media it is so very easy to get caught up worrying about what others are doing with their brands, and whilst we agree that it is important to be aware of your competition, its even more important to be aware of what you are doing. So here are a few tips for those of you who are spending far too much time monitoring the competition when really you just need to be staying in your lane! 1. Focus - every day have three things that's on your focus list. These are the three things that need to get done irrespective of how much you have on the l

SBB in New York

February 2018 the SheBuildsBrands team have been in New York City. Heading out for New York Fashion Week the team where able to get a lot done! Kubi delivered three brand marketing masterclasses, one of which was held at NYU (New York University). She was a judge at Harlem Fashion Week and undertook three interviews with local press and blog sites. To read one of them head over to Kubi was a moderator for the LIT Women In Business Panel, she found herself at NASDA and attended six designer shows, scouting designers that might just work in the UK market. All of this in just 10 that's what we call a trip well done! Here is a little picture gallery of the activities an

When Fashion Takes Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most stylish cities in the world. Whether you are looking for vintage , designer or luxury brands, Tokyo has is it all. Living in Japan you are bound to take on the household name as a Fashionsita. Typically when you think about Japanese fashion trends, your imagination often turns to over-the-top street style seen in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. However, the streets of Tokyo have made me see fashion in such a different light. I don't think about what looks good, instead I focus on how it makes me feel. Tokyo Fashion has shown me there are NO LIMITS, there are NO RULES. You create YOUR STYLE, You create YOUR VOICE. When you walk the streets it gives you a feeling of in

Harlem Fashion Week 2018

During our masterclasses we always encourage attendees not to sell product, but produce stories that connect and impact. This Fashion Week, we see designers take this a step further and use their designs to convey rich history - with a modern twist. Described as an explosion of culture that bridges the Downtown fashion hub to the Uptown vibe for a rich community experience, Harlem Fashion Week not only showcases the budding creativity and flair of the fashion industry, but it also provides business education for emerging designers and grows Harlem businesses. The end result is a vibrant and rich cultural platform that promotes growth and lest we forget- fun! Harlem Fashion Week was created b

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