Are You Ready To Go GloCal?

The term glocalisation has been battered around for a while. The idea that thinking globally by acting locally is key to brand success, has propelled marketers to fine-tune their strategies to ensure they make the most out of the global market. From Coca-Cola scrapping its local UK marketing director in favour of a more regional strategy, to KFC serving porridge for breakfast and Peking Duck burgers for lunch in Shanghai; innovative marketers are no longer seeing global and local as the two ends of a dichotomous spectrum, but instead they understand that a hybrid of global and local is not only possible, but the most profitable outcome. Since April 2010, when Forrester Research’s Steve Noble

Doing Business in Mauritius (part 1)

Last month I was asked to speak at the SWAA (Spa & Wellness Association of Africa) Annual Conference in Mauritius. I was honoured and looked forward to meeting the attendees and sharing my expertise on global brand marketing. With it being my first time to Mauritius I was secretly excited, I had heard that it was the Paradise Island and as such I longed for a break away from the UK's dull summer to escape to sunshine and beautiful beaches. But what I wasn't expecting was just how breathtaking the hotel would be. As I arrived I immediately feel in love with the expansive greenery and natural riches. The contemporary and stylish lobby was welcoming, and as I was handed a cold beverage I exhale

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