Don't Play It Safe At Fashion Week

Yesterday I once again found myself enjoying the front row experience at London Fashion Week. This time instead of worrying about our clients' PR coverage or model walks, I was client free and able to watch a variety of shows and fully enjoy the experience. As always I went with anticipation of what would come down the runway and as I did it really got me thinking about the designers who are trying to make it in the industry. What advice would I give them about how to debut at Fashion Week and stand out from the crowd? How do you make a dent amongst the noise of delightful fashion? Here are my top 5 tips: 1. No Stand Alone Shows - When thinking about debuting as a new designer do not launch

The Art of Improving Presentations

Guest Contributor: Leigh Ashton gives us an insight into The Art of Improving Presentations In my role I get exposed to a lot of presentations and pitches - so I thought I'd offer you some pointers for when you next present. Some of these tips seem obvious (but sadly not practiced enough) and others less so. So, whether it's a one minute presentation at a networking event, or a 1 hour pitch for a life-changing contract, pick out the ones that will help you personally. Preparation Prepare - and early! Never leave it until the last minute. Never 'wing it' - it shows! Research your facts, stats, and case studies - anything that will help make your pitch more engaging and informative. And practi

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