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The Millennials 

Shaz: Shaz is a National and International published Professional Makeup Artist & Hairstylist based in London. She specialises in Women of Colour and owns a mobile beauty business (Beautified By Shaz) focusing on beautifying women of all ages by naturally enchanting their features to make them look and feel beautiful in their own skin for any occasion. 

Yianna: 25 year old Yianna, is an online boutique owner based in London. Diamonds and Bows is an online boutique that sells bespoke, luxury furs. Yianna also recently became a semi-permanent  specialising solely in eyebrow tattooing. 


Rikki Thomas is the executive assistant to the founder of SheBuildsBrands, Kubi Springer. Running a busy day-to-day life with opportunities to travel the world with a brand marketing specialist. With amazing organisational skills as well as specialising in finance and systems, Rikki supports the ‘behind the scenes’ work of the globally recognised company of SheBuildsBrands.

The Entrepreneurs 

Lu Li is the founder of Blooming Founders, a company that is building an innovative support infrastructure for female-founded startup businesses. Designed with female qualities, while being open to all genders, offering ultra flexible workspace, a supportive community, events and a crèche. 


Noelle, a London living swede who works full time but is also an influencer. If she’s not creating social media campaigns and content for her blog and instagram she is doing it for other whilst also attending events and promoting brands via pictures.

Kate Cross's work will take you on a voyage of self-discovery, to unlock your truth and set yourself free from the cycles of self-doubt and fear.  As an international speaker and self-discovery writer she combines her creative passions with her transformational teachings as a licensed NLP Practitioner, Certified IIN Health Coach and Energetic Healer.

Kubi Springer is the founder of SheBuildsBrands and creator of the SBB Radio Show.

The Executives

Jane Wilkinson has worked for a decade as an international climate change thought leader for government and the not for profit sector. She has raised  hundreds of millions for sustainable investment action around the world. Her current focus is empowering  women to reach their full potential, to transform communities, cities and countries.


Cindy Galvin is a leadership consultant who helps women in the prime of their careers make their next move their best. Her greatest joy is seeing talented people change their lives by discovering the best direction to take to fuel their passion and creativity.

She worked as an executive in the energy brokerage and trading industry for over 20 years before deciding to use the knowledge she gained from building companies and her own career to help others. Cindy is also a public speaker, author, non-executive director and chairman of a Northwest London charity.