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87% of women retire broke

Don't be one of them

Welcome To The BossSquad

Your destination for success.


SheBuildsBrands Academy the 'BossSquad' is a digital learning platform designed to help you build your brand, expand your reach and achieve your dreams.

Launched February 2020, BossSquad was created to support entrepreneurs to thrive despite the economic downturn. Today we have over 400 members from around the world as part of our global BossSquad community.



To help you on your journey to financial brand success we have three levels in the BossSquad:

Level 1

BossSquad On-Demand


Weekly e-courses and learning materials enabling you to learn in your own time. Plus our monthly BossSquad Collective with special guest instructors.

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Level 2

MasterMind Groups


Our quarterly group mentoring programmes enable you to choose the learning of your choice with an industry led expert. Each group meets twice a month with their mentor for bespoke teaching and support on the chosen subject area.

Current Courses:

Level 3

Business Retreat


Mind, body and branding.

Aswell as building your brand, we must also take care of our bodies and our mind.


Build your brand with this exclusive and intensive retreat!

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Connect Globally

With members from the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria and Dubai, we truly are a global force, seeking one thing - to learn from the best and become the best,


...without apology. 

What They Said


"It was phenomenal, I've been part of the BossSquad since March 2020 and it has been nothing short of amazing.


The things that Kubi has taught us has been life changing in my business!"

"I've discovered I have more work to do. Get my process in order. I'm looking forward to our next session."


- Nicole Henry, UK

Build your brand. Shape your destiny.

Own It!